Albrecht Birkenbuel, Inc. is one of the few full service structural concrete subcontractors in the greater Seattle area. Our proposal package includes all components necessary for the construction of the concrete shell of the building. Albrecht Birkenbuel, Inc. has a wide variety of clients and projects. In our completed projects history, there are 500 cubic yard water detention tanks, 2500 cubic yard multi-family mixed use structures, 10,000 cubic yard mid-rises, 50,000 cubic yard parking structures and 130,000 cubic yards in twin 40 story towers.

Albrecht Birkenbuel, Inc. has a 3 acre prefabrication yard located at our main office in Woodinville, Washington. Our estimating office and formwork detailing are also at this facility. ABI prefabs footing forms, column forms, tables for repetitive formwork, core wall gangs, specialty rustication items and other requirements that are built more efficiently in this off-site environment. Given the increasingly difficult sites in our area, this off site pre-fab yard gets us miles ahead, which translates into time schedule improvements for our clients. In most cases, these components arrive at the job site ready for placement and initial use. When a unit is complete, we, using secure truck procedures, ship this component to the site ready for installation into the project.

The Future

Albrecht Birkenbuel, Inc. continues to expand both client base and services. With the current state of our local economy, this becomes a necessity. We entered the public works market and secured two good projects. Competition is stiff in this arena as more and more General Contractors need solid projects with definite funding. ABI will be here when the dust settles in this economy. The company has little debt and lots of materials and equipment. We are maintaining our core group of Superintendents, Project Managers, Project Engineers, Estimators, Foremen and the best in Carpenters, Laborers, Cement Masons and Operating Engineers. We look forward to hearing from you.